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What is the phase of titanium dioxide in rutile


The rutile phase is the form that titanium dioxide takes in rutile. Among the three primary crystal forms that titanium dioxide (TiO2) can assume are rutile, anatase, and brookite.

With a tetragonal crystal form, rutile is the densest and most thermodynamically stable of the three structures. Because of its distinctive optical qualities, such as its high refractive index and capacity to scatter light, rutile is highly prized in a variety of sectors, including paints, coatings, plastics, and paper. These capabilities are a result of its crystal structure.

Good chemical stability, high thermal stability, and exceptional UV absorption qualities are further characteristics of the rutile phase of titanium dioxide that make it valuable in high-durability applications like sunscreen and automobile coatings.

In conclusion, the rutile phase of titanium dioxide in rutile is distinguished by its exceptional optical and physical qualities as well as its distinct tetragonal crystal structure.

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