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What is the function of lip liner


The function of lip liner is to prevent lipstick from smearing and improve the lip shape. Lip liner is very convenient to use, just cut out the refill and you can use it directly. Nowadays, many people like to use lip liner and lipstick together in order to make their makeup more refined. This allows both products to play their maximum role, making the lips not only more colorful, but also the shape. Be more perfect.

The main function of lip liner is to prevent lipstick from smearing. At the beginning, the quality of lipstick was not very good, and smearing often occurred. Once this phenomenon occurs, the entire makeup effect will be affected, because the lipstick will be stained all over the mouth, making the mouth look particularly dirty. In order to prevent this phenomenon, use lip liner to draw this stroke on the edge of the lips, which can effectively prevent this situation from happening. However, the quality of lipstick has improved a lot now, so this phenomenon basically no longer occurs, and the usage rate of lip liner has also dropped a lot.

In addition, lip liner can also improve the shape of your lips. If you are not satisfied with the shape of your lips, you can use this product to improve it. Use this product to outline the lip shape you want and make the entire lip shape more perfect. In addition to being used with lipstick, lip liner can also be used with lip gloss, lip gloss and other products.

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