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Several problems need to be solved in preform mold


With the expansion of the food and beverage packaging industry, it also inspires the rise of the preform mold industry. However, now China's current preform mold industry is faced with the following major problems.

1. The preform mold machine enterprises urgently need to green, environmental protection, quality optimization, the direction of high energy, how to better the preform mold industry around the "safe environmental protection, health" quality development, become an important problem need to solve in today's world, because in this day and pollution s, carved out a and environmental protection, zero pollution combination of bottle blowing products, Is the only way to develop the preform mold.

2. According to the statistics, the current preform mold industry mainly focused on the development of taizhou, cangzhou, foshan a few places, such as the development of the scale is very small, so the brand name of a preform mold, appear very important, it can not only expand the scale of the development of the preform mold, and can give direction to preform mold all over the world.

3. Recycle the bottle blank mold twice. A lot of waste recycling, secondary use, not only can reduce the cost, but also can reduce unnecessary costs to the enterprise, to small-scale enterprises to develop more quickly, this is because to make a new bottle blowing mould cost is high, and it reflects the formation of a special second-hand bottle embryo mould trading platform, let the second-hand embryo bottle mould quality assured, It's very necessary.

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