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Structure and Usage of Hot Stamping Foil


Hot stamping foil, known as anodized aluminum, was originally used only in paper printing industry. With the progress of science and technology and people's preference for high-end luxury metal luster jewelry, it has been widely used in packaging, books, plastics, wood, fashion, leather, wallpaper and other products, making the products colorful, more elegant, exquisite and luxurious, playing the role of making the finishing point and highlighting the design theme.


Due to different substrates, the performance of the Hot stamping foil used is different. To ensure the quality of foil stamping, it is necessary to understand the structure and performance of the foil Hot stamping foil, correctly select the foil Hot stamping foil and production process, and meet the quality requirements.

Main properties of hot stamping foil


(1) Hot stamping temperature

The hot stamping temperature that can ensure the quality of anodized hot stamping is a range. Within a certain temperature range, the adhesive layer of anodized aluminum can be melted and bonded to the bonded material, without causing the anodized aluminum to lose its luster due to high temperature. This temperature range is generally 70~130 ℃. The lower the lower the limit temperature of the hot stamping temperature range, the easier it is to operate and the higher the requirements for the equipment are; The higher the upper limit temperature is, the more it can ensure that the anodized aluminum will not lose luster and metal texture under the general hot stamping temperature. The wider the temperature range, the easier the operation, and the better the quality of hot stamping can be guaranteed. This temperature depends on the nature of the adhesive.

(2) Bonding fastness

It refers to the fastness of bonding between anodized aluminum and hot stamping materials. It mainly depends on the adhesive of the adhesive layer and the bonding properties of aluminum and hot stamping materials. Of course, it is also related to the hot stamping time, temperature and pressure. The hot stamping fastness of anodized aluminum can be improved by adjusting the hot stamping process.


(3) Hot stamping quality

After hot stamping, whether the glossiness of anodized layer remains unchanged and whether the impression is clear is a very important property of anodized. The words printed by hot stamping shall be free of burrs, which is related to the size of the adhesion between the separation layer and the adhesive layer and whether the coating is uniform.



The surface of anodized aluminum shall be free of hairline, sand hole, fold and scratch. The coating shall be evenly coated and rolled. Otherwise, the hot stamping quality will be affected.


Usage of hot stamping foil


1. Hot stamping foil



4.Used for leather and wood products such as pencil poles, wooden boxes, leather bags, leather shoes, etc.

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