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How to control the cost when printing Paper Bag


How to control the cost when printing Paper Bag? If you want to understand the problems of cost control, you first need to figure out what costs will be incurred in the printing process. In most printing companies, the cost is nothing more than the cost of ink and paper, in addition to labor costs and water and electricity costs. If these costs can be well controlled, the entire cost can basically be controlled within a reasonable range. Of course, sometimes the cost of mechanical wear needs to be considered, but the cost of mechanical wear is almost negligible when printing small batches. So let me introduce to you the issues that need to be paid attention to in the cost control of Paper Bag printing.

The first cost that needs to be controlled when printing Paper Bag is the cost of ink. Especially in the process of some color packaging printing, the amount of ink used is relatively large, and even needs to be replaced frequently to complete the printing task. There are many ways to control the use of ink. For example, it is necessary to adjust the color first, and strive to adjust the color in place at one time, so that the ink will not be wasted due to frequent color adjustment in the middle. There is a relationship between the amount of ink used and the operation of the equipment. If the equipment starts and stops midway, it will cause ink loss. Therefore, if it does not involve the need to maintain the equipment in the middle, do not stop the equipment casually. Strive to complete all printing tasks after turning on the machine, and then turn off the machine to repair or maintain the equipment. In addition, when purchasing ink, you can reduce the cost by purchasing in bulk.

The second cost that needs to be controlled when printing Paper Bags is electricity. Especially large-volume printing consumes a lot of power. It is unavoidable for equipment to use electricity during operation, and this part of the cost cannot be well controlled. But there is one thing that can be controlled, which is to arrange the printing process reasonably, strive for the equipment not to idle, and use the equipment for printing operations in a rhythmic manner. In this way, printing operations can be carried out while the equipment is running. If it is difficult to manually control the printing process, then you might as well hand over the printing process to professional software for control. The special software can arrange orders reasonably and formulate the entire printing process, so that the mechanical equipment can be kept from idling to the maximum extent, thus So that the machine will not consume more electricity when it is running. When there is no printing task, the equipment can be in a standby or shutdown state, which can also save a lot of electricity costs.

The third cost to save when printing Paper Bag is the cost of paper. Because there are many packages that only use relatively expensive paper, when purchasing paper, they will purchase in batches first, so that the cost of purchasing paper can be reduced. When printing, try to achieve a one-time job success, and try to avoid a large number of scrap products due to operational errors, because every scrap product means that paper is wasted in vain. Printing products should be tested before printing. If there is a problem with the printing product test, do not print blindly. It is necessary to debug until the sample has no problem before printing in batches, so as to avoid a large number of scrap products at one time and waste paper. The last is the control of labor costs, which is a headache for many printing companies, because the domestic employment costs are constantly rising. If you want to control this part of the cost, you can only use more automated equipment to achieve it.

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