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Four applications of pearlescent watercolor pigments


Pearlescent pigments are composed of thin layers of various metal oxides. Different pearlescent effects can be produced by changing the thin layer of metal oxide. Compared with other pigments, pearlescent pigments have an incomparable effect for their soft pearl luster. Let's take a look at the four applications of pearlescent watercolor paint.

Four applications of pearlescent watercolor pigments

plastic application

Pearlescent pigments can be used in transparent and translucent plastic resins, and the use of pearlescent pigments will bring a fascinating color visual effect. Generally, the better the transparency, the better the resin can fully display the unique luster and color effect of pearlescent pigments. For less transparent resins (PC/PVC, etc.), due to the processing characteristics of these resins, the pearlescent luster and hue can also be fully displayed. Pearlescent pigments are widely used in cosmetic containers, various packaging, toys, decorative materials, various films and other plastic products.

makeup application

Dongzhu pearlescent pigment is made of natural mica, which is resistant to high temperature and does not contain toxins. It is in full compliance with the International Food and Drug Sanitation Regulations (FDA), harmless to the human body, and does not hurt the skin or eyes. Diversified colors, easy to match, can be used to produce lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, liquid eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, nail polish, hair cream, body cream, hair spray and other cosmetics.

Four applications of pearlescent watercolor pigments

paint application

Pearlescent pigments have good dispersibility and good physical and chemical properties, so they are widely used in the coating industry. No matter what kind of monochrome paint is mixed with pearlescent pigments, it can become a pearlescent paint, and its pearlescent and metallic luster effects are impressive. Pearlescent coatings have been used in many fields such as automobiles, locomotives, daily necessities, and building materials. Pearlescent pigments have a flake structure, so wetting is simple and fast, but the polar surface of the system and the chemical properties of the medium or solvent need to be considered. The wafers of pearlescent pigments are easily damaged during dispersion, and usually pearlescent pigments can be dispersed with simple stirring. If using a dispersing machine allow only short periods of mixing. It is recommended to pre-disperse the slurry and then add it to the paint and mix it.

ink application

Pearlescent pigments not only produce pearlescent effect while maintaining the original color tone in printing ink, but also can bring a variety of metallic luster effects and iridescent luster effects. Pearlescent pigments have been widely used in the printing industry, and are often used in the printing of various wrapping papers, magazines, posters, textiles and other items. Pearlescent pigments have excellent dispersibility and can generally be mixed into low-viscosity printing inks with only slight stirring. Since the pearlescent pigment has a layered structure, it can only be stirred slightly when mixed with the ink, and strong mechanical treatment should be avoided to avoid damage to the surface of the pearlescent powder.

The above are the four applications of pearlescent watercolor pigments, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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